Sunday, May 1, 2011

Technology Literacy Framework Project

NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy Assessment

Something that is coming down the pipe is that technology proficiencies are going to be measured in students just like other core classes (such as Math, Science, Writing, etc), starting in 2014. The US government has commissioned a group called WestEd under contract to the National Assessment Governing Board, to develop the test.

Check out their website and download documents here:

At my current school, we are developing a student self-assessment to get a snapshot of how students feel they are learning technology and 21st century skills at our school. However, we also devote time to assessing students using the NWEA test for core subjects. This does not allow much time for giving another performance assessment so a survey was felt the best we could do now. We follow an integration model where teachers with the assistance of technology coaches/coordinators, plan and deliver and assess lessons that incorporate 21st century skills and technology. Teachers do try to map tech integration into their curriculum maps, but it takes time, and we all know teachers are lacking in...time...

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