Monday, May 9, 2011

Teachers Say That Google is the 3rd Best Search Engine???

An interesting article about some research the author did to see what search engine was favored. This is not an exhaustive study, but it did do a good job of talking about the differences between the search engines. 

Dogpile seemed to win...I haven't used this search engine for a while, but it did inspire me to try again. Results were very good! 

Another little-known kid safe-friendly search version of Google that I would like to mention is:


Excerpt from the article:
The results were completely surprising.  We expected Google to consistently provide the best web search results.  According to our teachers this was only true 1 out of 7 times.  Bing consistently outperformed Google’s results.

Dogpile, a meta search engine that pulls their results from both Bing and Google, had the best overall ratings.  Dogpile had a knack for always choosing winners from both Bing and Google. Here were our overall results:

5th  Place – Ask

4th Place - Blekko

3rd Place –  Google

2nd Place – Bing

1st Place – Dogpile

While Dogpile did produce consistently great results, please be aware that we just provided our teachers with the organic search results and did not include the ads that they throw in there. If you look at Dogpile’s web site and perform a web search, you will notice that about half of the results are ads. This didn’t sit well with our teachers.

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