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Again, I really like Doug Johnson. Check out his list of Rules here:

A sample:

Johnson’s First Law of Technology Integration: Use techology to make your poor units better, not your great units worse.
Johnson’s Three Commandments of a Successful Library Program:
  • Thou shall develop shared ownership of the library and all it contains.
  • Thou shall have written annual objectives tied directly to school and curriculum goals and bend all thy efforts toward achieving them.
  • Thou shall take thy light out from under thy damn bushel and share with others all the wonders thou doest perform.
Johnson’s IT Department Mission Statement: Helping people solve problems with technology they didn’t have before there was technology.
Johnson’s Observation on Internet Resources: The one thing the Internet will never have that your library has -  is you.
Johnson’s Kid Law of Cool Technologies: A technology is no longer cool once adults adopt it. Therefore, no adults will ever use a cool technology.
Johnson’s Law of Searching: It’s easier to find something than to find it again.
Johnson’s Caution on Collaboration: Treat collaboration, not as a goal, but as a means of achieving one.
Johnson’s Test Fairness Plan: Require no high school tests that the adults who insist on them can’t pass.